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Why Is Blogging Best For Business?

When thinking about marketing your small business, blogging is a platform which is often overlooked. It’s rare for a marketing package (especially an entry-level one) to include a blogging service, and as a result it’s usually an afterthought. It’s no surprise then, that the websites of many small businesses have a blog section that looks a little sad and neglected. Given that your blog is where your customers will go to find out what’s new with your business, sad and neglected is not a good look.

Sharing news isn’t the only use for a blog, however, and unless you’re particularly capricious in your approach to business, it’s unlikely that updates of this kind will be a regular thing. A good blog will share insight into relevant changes and current trends within the sector, and post helpful content which its followers will benefit from. This requires some research and can be time consuming, but is well worth the investment.

So, what are the benefits of blogging? Well, perhaps most importantly, it boosts your site’s SEO. Search engines favour new content, so having a regular output of high-quality, relevant blog posts will increase your visibility and boost your website’s performance. Blog posts are also highly shareable, making them invaluable for increasing your organic reach; a great post has the potential to be shared thousands of times across many different networks.

As well as building your audience, it is an invaluable tool in connecting with them. Blogs allow you to converse with your followers, gathering insight as well as giving it. Good quality posts inspire a reaction and can help you to learn more about the people you’re connected with. This in turn allows you to tailor your content more specifically to your audience, and goes a long way towards establishing you and your company as an authority in your sector.

At Arran Eleanor Creative LTD, we view blogging as an essential part of the marketing strategy for any small business. An interesting, insightful blog is a powerful tool both for the growth of a business, and in establishing your brand as an authority within your industry. As such, we believe that even those with a small budget should be able to have blogging as part of their marketing strategy. That’s why a blogging service is included in all of our marketing packages as standard. If you’re looking to market your business, take a look at our digital marketing packages to learn more about how we can help you.



Arran Eleanor

Arran Eleanor is the managing director of Arran Eleanor Creative Ltd. When she's not building one-page websites and working her social media magic, she is a fine artist, working in ink & acrylic paint.